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Terms and Conditions

This competition is valid only for paid members only
Members are required to follow the instructions to qualify for this competition

  1. Members have to subscribe to either (V5S Basic) to get a chance to win only ($100) *Not eligible for Top 3 prizes

  2. Members have to subscribe to (V5S Professional) to get a chance to win all Prizes.

  3. Each winner is only entitled to one winning prize.

  4. Members interested in this competition have to use V5S to create their best design and post it on their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

  5. Members posting this post would be required to tag us @Viva5s on each social media platform and also #viva5s and #V5sDesign

  6. Members are required to E-mail: and send us the link to the post for registration purposes.

  7. Refunds are not applicable.

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